Public transport to Cassovia Shopping Centre

Cassovia Shopping Centre is situated in an easily accessible city location near the city district Železníky. Cassovia Shopping Centre is accessible by several public transport lines. You can reach us from almost all city districts with the following public transport lines:

Bus line No. 15 from the city district "Dargovských hrdinov"
Bus line No. 16 from the city district "Podhradová".
Bus line No. 34 from the city district "KVP" (the bus stop is located at Mobelix department store).
Tram line No. 9 from the city district "Sever" and the city district "Nad Jazerom".

You can find the exact departure and arrival times of trams and public transport buses at or


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Obchodné centrum Cassovia
Pri prachárni 4
040 11 KOŠICE
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