Premium fuels at low prices for a wait.

We are Self Petrol Station. We offer you easier fuelling without waste time.   

Reap the full benefits of fuelling:
  1. We offer premium fuels Ultra 95 and Ultra Diesel at low prices. Quality of our fuels is  guaranteed by Unipetrol a.s.  Refinery  Company.
  2. We offer fuels at discount prices  because  we  do  not pay staff  and operation of petrol station.
  3. Fuelling without waiting. No cash desks, no queues.
  4. Cash or credit card payment.
  5. We're Open 24 Hours 7 Days a week. Come to fuel up whenever you want.
How it works?
  • Park your car near free gasoline stand,
  • Go to the payment terminal,
  • Follow ordinary procedure placed directly in petrol station during refuelling,
  • Do you have any problem? Just dial Info Line Phone Number.
What kind of fuels do we offer?

Ultra 95 (Gasoline with additives)
It is a premium fuel for combustion engines with unique features. This lead-free gasoline     is a good choice for a car engine as well as environment. Ultra 95 contains multifunctional additive developed specially for enhancing the detergency, anti-corrosion protection and stability.

The main advantages:
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions,
  • Higher performance,
  • Protection of damageable parts  of  engine  and  fuel supply system against corrosion,
  • Protection against carbon sediment formation,
  • Recovery of the original condition of older engines and preservation of the new engine condition.
Ultra Diesel
This fuel for diesel engines is extraordinary because of adding the new multifunctional additive. This has a positive impact on car engine operation. Ultra Diesel has higher cetane number that boosts engine operation in all driving regimes.

The main advantages:
  • Reduction of formation of emulsions  and sediments because of its composition,
  • Lubricity increase,
  • Reduction of mechanical stresses of crank engine gear,
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions,
  • Protection of damageable parts  of  the engine  and  fuel supply system against corrosion.

Useful contacts:
Web: www.natankovat.sk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tankomatsk
E-mail:  info@tank-o-mat.sk
Phone: +421 (2) 381 055 14
Phone: +421 (2) 381 055 23

Company´s Head Office:
Zámocké schody 2/A
Bratislava, 811 01

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