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- Derived from Latin name of MANUS, which means hand and treatment.

Looking good and feeling happy mean to have nice hands. Your hands daily come into contact with countless amounts of things, so it is necessary to take care of them carefully. We welcome you in our Nail Studio, where we will gladly help you and take care of your hands / nails. We offer you complex services in the field of manicure and care of your hands.


- Derived from Latin name of PEDI, which means foot and treatment - care. It is beauty or professional care of feet, so nails and foot skin.

Wet (classic) pedicure represents comprehensive treatment of feet, toes and nails. The basic difference between feet treatment by classic pedicure and medical – dry treatment is that feet are dipped in water by which feet skin get softer and cleaner.
Wet pedicure is based on feet bath by adding the refreshing and softening products, mostly bath salts. When feet are prepared and disinfected, rough skin, calluses, corns, etc. are removed by the scalpel, and after that nails are treated and cut to desired length and shape. Finally, the feet are treated by the feet skin care cream or other preparation.


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